My Grandparents Hugo and Clemy: From Nuremberg to Auschwitz

My husband’s grandparents, Hugo and Clemy Mosbacher lived in Nuremberg, Germany. The family had lived in this part of Bavaria for centuries. After Hitler’s ascension to power, anti-semitism grew to dangerous levels and they fled to Holland in February, 1940. The Nazis invaded Holland a few months later and the Mosbachers were trapped for three years in Amsterdam. In February, 1943 they were arrested and deported to Auschwitz where they were killed immediately.

On October 2, 2015 a stumbling stone (Stolpersteine) for Hugo and Clemy was laid in the sidewalk in front of their former address Hallerstrasse 27 in Nuremberg to remember them.

I was interviewed by staff writer, Gabi Eisenack of the Nürnberger Zeitung and this article was published on February 12, 2016.

Read the Article in English (PDF)

Here is a video created by Hugo and Clemy’s grandson, Tony Baczewski about the laying of the stumbling stones.